9th Annual Deer Jerky Contest
Held Sunday March 18, 2018
Longbranch, L'Erable, IL

12 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. cst

Go to the Jerky Contest page for photos & results from the 2018 event 

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My family has hunted deer, along with other wild game, for several generations.  I remember my father coming home from shotgun season in Illinois and processing deer in the garage under the glow of (2) 60 watt bulbs.  When my brothers and I were allowed to hunt, we too processed our deer in the same garage under the same dim bulbs. 

Now as adults, and thanks to my father's new shop, including:  two grinders, a slicer, sausage stuffer, several cutting tables, good lighting and heat... our love for deer hunting has grown.  My family now goes through approximately 4 to 5 deer per year, which could be very costly if you sent all that meat to the processing plant. 

With only a decent grinder, a hunter can process all of his deer with our seasoning at a considerably lower cost.  All of our bags of seasoning will season up to 25 lbs of meat, whether it is deer or pork.  Our prices are lower than similar products in stores, because like us, we want the sportsman to enjoy processing his own meat and provide him or her with a one-stop shop for all of their seasoning needs.

Our products vary:  from seasoning for ground deer... to several brat seasonings, breakfast sausage seasonings, deer sausage and snack stick seasonings, general grilling and table seasonings.  I do not carry products that I do not put in
my own freezer or use every day. 

From the start my saying has always been "my family loves it, I know yours will too", and I truly believe this.  I strive to provide excellent seasoning at a cost that everyone can afford.  Our prices are not set by profit, but by what I feel is a reasonable value that I would pay and feel good about. 

I would like to thank my wife, my kids, and my family for helping me in the past few years to grow this business into something that we can be proud of.

Clint Perzee